What to look for toddlers in Hermosa Beach Preschool in Manhattan Beach

It is possible to give consideration to academics, curriculum, and length of day, cost, teacher training, and more so your child gets the most out of his first classroom experience.

A playschool is not just the first step of your precious child outside home but it’s also the first platform for learning.

Parents should not miss asking themselves the following question and then be answering it honestly. Who is your child in terms of his/her personality? The answer to this question will lead you to the right school for your child.

1. Make a list of Priorities.

Is it essential that the preschool be located close to your home or work? Are you looking for a morning or afternoon program? How important are factors like size and cost? What about food options, like snacks or lunch?

Other important considerations are the preschool’s approach (which can include Montessori, Waldorf, play-based, faith-based, and child-led) and accreditation status (the National Association for the Education of Young Children is the main accrediting organization for preschools and early learning centers).

It might be tough to find a preschool that fits every one of your desires in all of these categories, so decide which ones are deal-breakers for you and start there.

2. The location

Choosing a location that is reasonable for you isn’t a selfish consideration. Since practicing social skills and making friends is one of your child’s top priorities in preschool, you’ll want to find a school where you’re more likely to be able to get together with those new friends and possibly continue those friendships on into kindergarten and elementary school.

There are many things to consider as you select a preschool, but it helps to brainstorm your own questions ahead of your school visits. The greatest tool you have in this process is your attunement with your own child and your willingness to choose a school that best fits those individual needs and unique goals.

3. Check out the curriculum

Philosophies and curricula vary widely from one preschool to another. Look for a preschool curriculum that offers rich content, hands-on learning, and developmentally-appropriate play. Does the curriculum address fostering social and emotional development as well as academics? Children should be actively engaged in learning.

4. Communication

Ask the director about a school handbook, as well as their communication habits.  A handbook fills parents in on what to expect from the school.  Monthly newsletters, calendars, and emails may be some ways the school communicates with parents.

5. Look out for the activities at the school.

Again, children learn through play.  Their little bodies need to be fully immersed in the learning.  Children should be holding books, touching blocks, moving math manipulatives, listening to music, dancing, etc.  They definitely don’t need to be sitting down and filling in worksheets day after day.

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