Trading and Investing – Pros & Cons.

There are risks in the stock market, but there are also rewards. People make money in the stock market in two ways: trading or investing. Here, you can make money through long-term investments or accumulate wealth through trading daily called intraday trading. However, these two are two different ways of making money in the stock market. Whether you make money through investing or trading, you … Continue reading Trading and Investing – Pros & Cons.

What is the importance of retirement planning?

Retirement is an important step in life that all of us may experience in the future. And retirement planning is an important process that must be started immediately, as it requires planning by the day of retirement and constant effort. But unlike the belief of the masses, if you do your homework, set achievable goals with the help of sound investment planning, and be patient, … Continue reading What is the importance of retirement planning?

How to analyze stocks for beginners

Stock market is a platform where shares of public limited companies are traded. Companies float shares to the public in an initial public offering (IPO) to raise capital in the primary market. Beginners find investing in stocks difficult because it is risky. Beginners make some mistakes like they invest with a trader mindset, they chase return and do not study the performance of the company, they get … Continue reading How to analyze stocks for beginners

What are multibagger stocks

Multi-bagger stocks Multi-bagger stocks are the type of equity shares that generates returns that is multiple times higher than the cost associated with an acquisition. These stocks were invented by Peter Lynch, in his book ‘One Up on Wall Street’. Multi-bagger shares are issued by companies that have huge growth potential, sound management, and great production techniques. Additionally, such companies have excellent research and development … Continue reading What are multibagger stocks

How to evaluate a company

Let’s discuss the most curious topic that every investor wants to know. How to evaluate a company? To create long-term wealth by investing in stocks. For long-term wealth creation, you will require an understanding of the company you want to invest in. The process of the refined look of any company is known as Fundamental Analysis. The best way to understand this is to analyze … Continue reading How to evaluate a company

How to Apply for an IPO? Step by Step Guide

Initial public offering is a process where private companies offer its share to the general public for the first time. Through IPO private companies goes public and after the private company gets listed in the recognized stock exchange. Before any IPO, SEBI validates the IPO prospectus whether the details related to company is true and fair, the information provided is sufficient to help investors taking … Continue reading How to Apply for an IPO? Step by Step Guide

Motilal Oswal Review

Motilal Oswal Securities Limited is a company that is Mumbai-based which was incorporated in the year 1987. They have a good reputation when it comes to financial service providing. Moreover, they provide services like Retail Broking, Private Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Institutional Broking, and much more. Furthermore, in this article, you will see a detailed review of Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. You will know what … Continue reading Motilal Oswal Review